Båt-Sam AB

Båtsam is a company that is located in Kvicksund, the company sells especially new and used boats and equipments for boats. But also a lot of other things like ATV’s and fishing equipment. They only sell motorboats and inflatables. They are not selling sailing boats at Båtsam.

All the boats that Båtsam have are delivered from Poland and Finland and also here from Sweden.

The company was founded in 1960 by Samuel which is the father of the current owner Rufus. Samuel was called Sam and his friends called him Båtsam because he liked boats, that’s why they call it Båtsam.

Båt is the Swedish equivalent of boat, and therefore Båt-Sam.

Sam drove across Kvicksund in his petrol truck delivering gas, which was his previous work. He fell in love with the town during his time in his previous work. Then he decided to move to Kvicksund and start his own company there.

For Rufus it was obvious to keep the company in business since he liked boats as well. He has a passion for his work.

Right now they have 8 employees in the main office which is the only store at the moment. In Rufus opinion he works way too much even though they have 8 employees, but that’s how it is to run a company.

During the winter they store all their boats in a winter-storage. Because they sell boats it’s a bit of a season work but still they have a lot to do during the winters, like preparing for the next season. During this time they buy the new boats for the new season and take care of the boats they store and the equipment.

They have a pretty big harbour where a lot of people park their boats. They also have a gas station for the boats and jetskis and so on. They have a workshop as well were they repair and work on boats that people need help with for several reasons.


YogiWod is a small company and also a training concept. Louise Stapel is the founder and company of the company and she came up with the training concept that is yoga with influences of crossfit. She has her own studio in Eskilstuna but she also works in other places in Sweden. Other private persons and companies pay her to come there and do her classes with them.

We asked her a few questions, and here are the answers:

  1. How did you come up with the idea to start your own company?

Louise has been working in the branch for a long time, and she got tired of working for other people so she decided to start something on her own.

  1. When did you start the company?

She started her company YogiWod 2015, because that was the time when she got the permission to use the name YogiWod. But she has had the idea of starting her own company for a longer time than that, but it was really hard to get a name. She searched for a lot of names and it was difficult to get one that wasn’t similar to others.

  1. Were you alone when you started the company?

She started the company all by herself.

  1. Do you have any employees?

Louise is still alone in the company, she hasn’t employed anyone because she wants to work by herself.

  1. Do you have courses both during summer and winter?

She adjusts herself and her classes after what’s requested at that time.  For example she has yoga and other classes outside in the summer.. But in the winter she is more often indoors.

  1. What class is most requested?

All of them, but her dance classes are unique for Louise, because she makes her own choreographies.

  1. Do you only work in Eskilstuna?

Louise is not only working in Eskilstuna, sometimes she gets hired to do her classes by private persons or companies for a certain amount of money. But she is stationed in Eskilstuna where she has her own studio.

  1. What kind of different courses do you offer?

Yoga courses, basic knowledge, dance classes, It also depends on what the customer wants. Louise says she can see what the customers need. Louise does her best to make customers happy.

  1. Do you work most towards companies or private customers?

Louise works towards both, she works for TV4 which is a swedish TV Channel where she has classes with the employees and she also works for the customers that comes directly to her.

  1. Is it a family business?

No, it´s my own business.

  1.   What about the future? Do you want to expand?

Louise says that she wants her company to grow, since it is fun and she always likes getting good response.

  1. How did you come up with the name “YogiWOD”? Was it hard to come up with the idea?

The name is very important and it was difficult to come up with a name at first. It was difficult to find a name that no one already had, Louise says.

The name of your company is important because it is what everyone will talk about.

The name;

Yogi , just yoga

Wod , Wod is from crossfit, you plan the session beforehand.

  1. For how long do you work each day?

It depends, Louise works almost every day. She is normally working in Eskilstuna on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and in Stockholm the rest of the week.

  1. When you started doing yoga, did you have any thoughts or plans to start your own company?

She wants to show others that you have to attach value to your own knowledge. Since Louise was pretty good at these things she wanted to raise her salary by educations in the areas she was interested in. She thought that she deserved a higher salary because she knew so much more than the newly-educated people that worked with the same things as she did.She thought it was unfair that they got the same salary.

Her vision:

For Louise life is about movement, energy and joy. To develop is to learn more and also be humble to your own journey. Her passion is to exercise and to be healthy and to share her passion in a simple way. She wants her customers to practise being outside their comfort zone. She also believes that we need to take care of ourselves in order to be more comfortable in who we are. To grow old and be strong and full of energy and to continue to find happiness in life is important to her.

Different classes:

Louise Stapel has a lot of classes and these are all of them:

PT yoga, Garuda, TRX rip, danceaerobics, core/stretch, cardio toning, yogiwod, yoga, dance, strength, workshops, company classes, events and health coaching.

You can hire her for different packages for example :

Sundbyholms sup yoga.(Sup is stand up paddling)


Instructor-led sup yoga





Tegelviken is a Swedish school located in Kvicksund which is a small town in “Södermanland”, and the closest city to Kvicksund is Eskilstuna. The capital of Sweden, which is Stockholm, is located about 110 km east of Eskilstuna. Tegelviken is a very small school and was built in 1998.

In Sweden most children go to preschool at the age of one or two and then when they are six years old they go to kindergarten.  When you are seven years old you begin primary school and later secondary school. At the age of sixteen there is the upper secondary school. In Sweden we get graded with A-F.. A is the best that you could get and is the hardest one to achieve, whilst getting an F means you’ve failed.

Tegelviken is a school for children of the age six to sixteen and we have a pre-school for kids up to 5 years old. The school is set up in a way that there are three sets of classes from preschool to ninth grade. That means that we have 30 classes that consist of around 15 students in each grade, and around 450 students in the whole school. We have good teachers and decent food. We have a special kind of ‘organization where there are two groups of different ages in the same class.

Tegelviken has a pretty big school yard. It’s suited for the youngest as well as for the older students. There are playgrounds and there are benches spread out. We also have a greenhouse and in the summer we usually have some fruits growing there.

A normal school year for us starts in August and ends in June. The school year is divided into two terms, autumn and spring. We have two major breaks between the terms and some smaller breaks in November, February and Easter.   We go to school Monday -Friday, We start school at 8am every day and the school ends between the hours 1pm – 3pm. We have breaks between all classes, sometimes they are just 5 minutes and sometimes they can be 30 minutes.

The classrooms in Tegelviken are designed in an unusual way. Every classroom in the entire school has got its own hall and kitchen. Sometimes we do things such as baking in the kitchens.   You can put your clothes and shoes in the hall if you feel like it. There is also one bathroom in each classroom. We have lockers in the hallway, where we can store our school supplies.

Most schools in Sweden have a canteen at their school, a place where students can go and eat, but at our school we don’t. We bring food from the school kitchen to the classroom and then eat there,

The classrooms themselves look like the typical classroom, and this is where we have subjects like Swedish, English, Math, Social sciences etc. We also have classrooms for subjects such as Science where there is special equipment for doing labs and tests. We have two science halls, one art hall and two halls for our ‘’crafts’’ lessons which are separated into wood and textile. Our school has a large building located near the entrance, it’s our sports hall. There is one big room for the main sport activities and then there are four smaller dressing rooms.

All students in our school who are in grade six or higher have their own school computer. We use this computer to do school work. We are limited on what we can do on the computers. We can’t download big files, just small things such as pictures and PDF’s.

We have a bunch of rules here at Tegelviken such as a strict non-bullying policy. We have certain “Anti-Bullying” teams that act as “peacekeepers” in the school.  Other than that we have some restrictions around cellphones, school computers and such things.

At Tegelviken we have something that is called the “Student Council”, in which a few representatives from every class between six and nine get together with a chosen teacher and discuss what they can change and improve about the school. These things can be everything from the schoolyard to the food that’s being served, or outdated rules.. The Student Council brings the voice of the students forward to be heard. The council has a surprising amount of influence and power, they can really improve things.

The school has various international projects such as our Bangladesh project where we provide education for children in Bangladesh. We usually work with this during the winter/fall where we provide handcrafted items and/or cookies for a Bangladesh/Christmas market. We have had EU projects and other exchanges with European schools for many years and also offer courses as part of Cambridge International Examination.

Every year students put up a show named “The Spring show” where they sing and dance for parents and the rest of the school.  Sometimes the students in Tegelviken get the opportunity to see theatre plays about things that are relevant for us in one way or another. It could, for example, be about friendship, love or family-issues

Our school is also very active in the sense that we have plenty of room for different activities such as football, basketball or baseball outside on our various fields, whilst we can play dodgeball or dance in our sports hall. We also go on fieldtrips to a sports stadium where we compete in many different events as running and long jump. We have a sports organization that arranges different tournaments such as a table tennis tournament. They also make sure we have a team to compete in district tournaments.

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Business in Eskilstuna and its surroundings

Where the town is situated

Kvicksund is mainly situated in two different areas, one on the southern shore and one on the northern. The northern is confined to the island of Nyckelön while the southern part is on the mainland.

Kvicksund is located in between Eskilstuna and Västerås. We have “Mälaren” that is a lake, which is going all the way to Stockholm, Kvicksund is about one hour and a half from Stockholm.

Kvicksund is a provincial, county and municipal border town,

mainly located in Västerås Municipality in Västmanland. A narrow, 50-100 meters wide part of Lake Mälaren divides the society into two parts.

It’s very expensive to live here in Kvicksund, it’s so expensive because of its position with the lake. It’s pretty easy to travel to Kvicksund by boat, if you are connected with the lake Mälaren. Kvicksund is located 16,5 kilometers from Eskilstuna and it takes 17 minutes by car.


Local and international transport

Here in Sweden you can go from one place to another with bus, flight, ferry and train. From Kvicksund to Eskilstuna it’s 18.2 km and from Kvicksund to Västerås it’s 28.8 km. You can also go by ferry but only from special places. There are many possibilities to travel from Kvicksund to other cities. Actually, here in Kvicksund we have been traveling to other places for centuries.


In Kvicksund we have a train station but it isn’t very big, this makes it possible to get to nearby cities like Eskilstuna and Västerås. You can also go further to bigger cities like Stockholm and Göteborg. If you want to go even further to like Oslo you will have to take the train to Katrineholm, for example, then switch train there, and take the train to Oslo.


With flight from Västerås you can travel to both southern and northern Spain. You can also travel to London and Turkey. Nearest airport is in Västerås. Nearest big Airport is in Arlanda, 40 km outside Stockholm. From Arlanda airport you can travel to all over the world.

Bus: To go by bus can also contain flight buses. So for example, let’s say that you’re from Italy. You land on Arlanda airport, and then you can take a flight bus to, for example, Västerås. So a flight bus is a great option if you want to get from an airport which isn’t far away from your destination. With Länstrafikens buses, you can go as far as to Nyköping. If you go to Nyköping by car it takes for about an hour, and it’s about 80 km from Kvicksund.


With ferry you can travel to Finland, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Latvia and more. You can travel with many different companies for example Viking line, Birka, Silja line and Stena line. Many ferries have rooms that you can rent and a good breakfast to make your time at the ferry more comfortable and nice.

Population- People and their needs

In Eskilstuna there live about 100 000 people. About 2000 people of those live in the village known as Kvicksund.

Eskilstuna has been an industrial city for a long time, but now the industries are getting less important in Sweden. For that reason Eskilstuna has started many colleges.

Many people in Eskilstuna often work in Stockholm or Västerås, but they still live in Eskilstuna, because of the high prices on flats and houses in Stockholm and Västerås.

We also have a great transportation system, we have a train central where you can travel to many places and we also got a very good bus system on which many people choose to go by, instead of a car.

The people who live in Eskilstuna are mostly families with children and young grown ups.

In Kvicksund there are mostly families with children. There are quite many old people as well.

Eskilstuna has a lot of schools, we have around 26 primary schools and around 6 high schools. One of those primary schools is situated in Kvicksund.

The structure of employment and the scale of unemployment

We checked the structure of employment and the scale of unemployment in Kvicksund and Eskilstuna. Our school is in Kvicksund and the population in the village is around 2000 people, the nearest big city is Eskilstuna and the population there is around 100 000 citizen.

In Kvicksund we don’t have many big companies and that makes the unemployment bigger and commuters more. Almost every employee that lives in Kvicksund have a workplace in bigger cities like Stockholm and Eskilstuna and that’s because our village is small and it is hard to develop business. Our biggest and most known companies in Kvicksund is AB Betong, ICA nära bron, Båtsam and industrial cleaning AB. Our school Tegelviken is a workplace that have many employments,many people commutes to this school from other cities that’s near.The school is a part of the municipality so the people that work here are employees of the municipality. All these companies have an influence on how many employments we have in Kvicksund. It`s around 174 people that works in Kvicksund and 90% of them is men, and that makes a difference between men and women income. It`s 100 000  SEK income difference between the two genders. In Eskilstuna the companies are bigger and easier to develop,Thats makes a difference between employees and unemployees more obvious.It`s 36000 people that works in Eskilstuna and 46000 that is occupied,some of the employees are from other cities that commute to Eskilstuna.The open unemployment in Eskilstuna is 5,5  procent between 18 and 24 years old. Some of the biggest companies are Volvo CE, Eskilstuna municipality and Assa Abloy.These companies are easier to develop and they are important for us and Eskilstuna

Tourist attractions

Parken zoo is our only zoo in Eskilstuna. But it’s not only a zoo, it’s a camping and an amusement park too.

In the park there is a funfair, where you can have fun with your family or friends.

After the funfair you can go to the zoo and look at many different animals.

For example tigers, lions, snakes and pigs.

Sundbyholms castle, is about six miles north of Eskilstuna.

In the summer many people visit Sundbyholm, with boat and other transports,

to visit the guest harbor, that many years in a row has been selected as the best harbour in Sweden.

They also have an outdoor bath, with a sandy beach, where many people spend their time on their holidays.

You can also eat at the dining area, or buy an ice cream during the day.

But it’s probably the castle that attracts most people and tourists.

They have a restaurant in the castle, and if you want, you can stay over night and visit other events.

For example, the famous television program, Farmer looking for a wife, where they meet at the castle, and speed-date.

Even the high-school proms, and many weddings and concerts take place there.

Local sporting, leisure, culture facilities

In Kvicksund you can attend different sport activities. We have a Football club, called KSK, Kvicksunds sports club, where they have many different teams, in many different ages. The club was started in 1930. We also have Sundbyviks-golf, which is a golf club next to the football club. It’s a pay and play course, which means that anyone can play here. If you need to work on your body you can go to our gym, which is open almost 24 hours. And since we are in the countryside we also have a riding center if you like horses.

Eskilstuna Art Museum is located in an old industrial building.

In the museum, you can find collections from the 1600s and paintings until today.

The muséum was opened in 2006, so it is pretty new. At the museum you can find temporary exhibition,  educational workshops, art library, a shop and a restaurant. You can find art from Sweden, and other Nordic countries.

In Eskilstuna we have a very old area called Rademachersmedjorna which dates back to the 1650s. Here you have an area with old houses where the blacksmiths used to work. Nowadays there are small shops and a restaurant in the houses. Several times a year, there is a market, for example a Christmas market.


Shopping facilities and services

Facilities:Here in Kvicksund we have one grocery store that is called ICA. ICA is pretty small if you compare it with ICA Maxi in Eskilstuna but it is our nearest grocery store.

Navet is behind ICA bron and next to the Gym and Azitas. Navet is a very little store with clothes and smaller stuff like soaps. It’s very cosy and it’s especially known for the beanies and T-shirts with the print “Kvicksund”.

Tuna Park is our nearest shopping mall in Eskilstuna, where we can buy everything from clothes to car parts. You can also have a day out and grab a lunch there. Tuna Park is surrounded by many different stores like Plantagen, where you can buy things to your garden like flowers, trees, tools and dirt.

Services: In Kvicksund there are two hairstylists, but they are on different sides of the bridge. Azitas and Salong Tilde. At least on Salong Tilde you can both colour and cut your hair and make your lashes longer, colour your eyebrows, put in hair extensions, fix highlights, make your eyebrows more even.

On Ica you can come and collect packages that you have ordered. You can also leave a letter in the mail box. Papa Jun is a restaurant next to ICA bron, most known for the pizza. But they have thai food as well. We also have a street food restaurant, Grillen, which is kind of popular around the teenagers because of their good kebab.

Local offices and institutions supporting small business

In Kvicksund there is no one that will support you, when starting an company.If you need support with your company you have to go to the great facilities in Eskilstuna. The facilities in Eskilstuna have many employees, so if you have any questions you need an answer on, you can  either asking on the web or by dropping a letter in their mailbox. One of all those facilities are called Munktell Science Park.They specialise in making ideas become great companies in an fast and effective manner. They have inspiring rooms and  staff with different skills.They also have great support and they can make the company complete.

There is another place in Eskilstuna that is called NyföretagarCentrum, a center for new companies. Here you can get advise and also a mentor who will help you in the process. In this place you can also listen to seminars to get help and to be inspired by others. This is all free of charge, which is very good. NyföretagarCentrum have courses in how to run a company, for example you can take a course in accounting.

In highschool we have something called young enterprise, where students are connected with a company for a whole year to learn what is like to have a business.Another place you can visit if you want to start a company is idélab. This is a place where you can share ideas and develop new ideas.



This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.