Tannur is a restaurant located in the center of Noto. They serve traditional Sicilian food. It was open just over a year ago by three schoolmates. Their customers belong to an age group ranging from 55 to 80 years old. The cost for two people with medium quality wine is around 55 euros. The restaurant is closed on Thursday and open from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. and from 7:30 to 10:30 in the evening.



  • Central position;
  • Good food;
  • It will always have potential customers because in Noto there are many tourists;
  • In the restaurant there is a lot of space;
  • They have good marketing also in the internet;
  • Open at the weekends;


  • Many other restaurants are in the close vicinity;
  • They don’t have a website;
  • There aren’t any cheaper dishes for younger people;
  • Owners have other jobs;


  • Purchase of better equipment;
  • Owners can have other restaurants in different cities;
  • Owners can open a new restaurant for younger people;
  • Owners can hire more employees;
  • Many people want to spend money in local businesses;


  • Too many restaurants in one place;
  • People won’t go to the new restaurants;
  • People don’t want to spend much money on food;
  • Too much management work if they open more restaurants.

L’Officina del Cioccolato

L’Officina del Cioccolato is a chocolate shop in Noto which produces a variety of chocolate products, ranging all the way from small chocolate candies to specially formed birthday cakes, all made out of chocolate. The concept was born from the idea of a couple who turned their passion into a real job.

Unique idea, only chocolate shop in Noto.

Homemade products gives a niche advantage.

Centrally positioned.

Good education in the subject.

They are good enough to make products for special events, i.e Christmas, birthday cakes, Easter etc.

They have ads on tripadvisor, instagram and facebook.

If tourism goes good the sales of products will increase aswell. 50/50

There is only two workers hence giving more work/person.

Small shop.

Their product sales is quite dependant of the tourism.

Available option to expand, e.g to other cities.

Expand advertisements, create website(s).

Chocolate deliveries (from shop to home).

Hire more employees.

Possibly a reduction in customers if the tourism goes bad 50/50

If chocolate runs out worldwide the production will end.

If another chocolate shop is opened, the unique “idea” will be rivalised


Costanzo is a bar in the center of Noto. This confectionary was founded in 1962 by Corrado Costanzo, the father of the current owner. It is also a meeting point for young people. They produce martorana fruit, dry biscuits, almond pastries, granite and ice-creams. Their best advertising is word of mouth.


  • Costanzo is well known both in Italy and abroad.
  • Opened on internet, Facebook etc.
  • Many families are going to Costanzo
  • They have many specialities.
  • They have been in the business for a longer time, that makes that they have much experiences.
  • The ice cream makes the bar special
  • They have things for all ages
  • they have a lot of tourists from spring to autumn but especially in the summer.
  1. weaknesses
  • way too long word
  • too little area
  • no parking area
  • members of the staff don’t speak any other languages than their own.
  1. opportunities
  • make the company bigger, like open one more bar at a different place.
  • reduce product prices
  • could produce different kinds of products (new products)
  1. threats
  • there are many bars very close to Costanzo.
  • many competitors around and close to the bar.
  • same products as the other bars.

Gagliardi Boutique Hotel

Gagliardi Boutique Hotel is a noble place in the centre of Noto. The special thing about the hotel is that you can buy objects spread all over the hotel. It’s an expensive hotel, as the prices are between 170 Euros and 370 Euros. It opened in spring 2016.

S.W.O.T.  Analysis of ” Gagliardi Boutique Hotel”:


  • good location
  • new idea
  • extra income because of selling things
  • magnificent view of Noto
  • different interior design
  • garden
  • different prices for different seasons
  • website in 3 different languages


  • expensive
  • no restaurant
  • not many rooms
  • closed in winter
  • you need to be careful because of the many expensive things around
  • lack of parking
  • not much experience


  • open another hotel
  • sell more things in the hotel
  • extension of the garden
  • get better known / more public attention
  • have a restaurant
  • improvement of advertisement


  • business rivals
  • no market for the items
  • similar buisness in the town near Noto

La Manna

La Manna is an Italian restaurant in the central part of Noto, serving traditional Sicilian food. It is supported by many important personalities. Many customers of »La Manna« are tourists.



  • A luxury B&B in the same building draws attention of its visitors to the restaurant
  • Sicily, especially Noto, is a famous tourist attraction and that brings a lot of customers
  • it is located very central in Noto
  • they serve a lot of different types of food
  • Italian food is good in general and the restaurant is in the following very attracting
  • the chef is an expert
  • modern in general
  • nice atmosphere in the restaurant due to modern design
  • many people invest in the restaurant
  • many important people believe in the restaurant
  • good reviews of customers on its website


  • success depends on the seasons
  • lack of parking spaces
  • a lot of competition in central Noto
  • the service is not that good
  • success depends on tourism
  • it is quite expensive
  • the time that it is open is very limited


  • expansion of the restaurant
  • improvement of the service
  • getting good opinions from customers
  • founding of another restaurant


  • less customers in winter because of decreasing tourism
  • a lot of competition in central Noto
  • many newly founded restaurants, also in the future
  • depends on many investors

Caristia Artistic Pottery

Caristia is a little pottery shop in the town centre of Noto, selling pottery. Sebastiano Caristia is the owner and his business in named after him. He likes making owls of different sizes.

  1. Strengths:

-it’s located in center of Noto;

-it attracts more tourists than other businesses;

-the owner only needs red clay and an oven to do his job;

-his pottery objects are original;

-small building – low taxes;

-he can sell products in any period of the year.

  1. Weaknesses:

-it takes two weeks to make one figure;

-high taxes if you want to expand;

-small shop display window, so tourists can’t see it;

-lack of parking places;

-the owner doesn’t have a website.

  1. Opportunities:

-give lessons (teach others how to do his job and get new employees);

-Facebook helps him to attract tourists, inhabitants;

-he can open second shop.

  1. Threats:

-fewer tourists – less work – less money;

-higher taxes in future.