YogiWod is a small company and also a training concept. Louise Stapel is the founder and company of the company and she came up with the training concept that is yoga with influences of crossfit. She has her own studio in Eskilstuna but she also works in other places in Sweden. Other private persons and companies pay her to come there and do her classes with them.

We asked her a few questions, and here are the answers:

  1. How did you come up with the idea to start your own company?

Louise has been working in the branch for a long time, and she got tired of working for other people so she decided to start something on her own.

  1. When did you start the company?

She started her company YogiWod 2015, because that was the time when she got the permission to use the name YogiWod. But she has had the idea of starting her own company for a longer time than that, but it was really hard to get a name. She searched for a lot of names and it was difficult to get one that wasn’t similar to others.

  1. Were you alone when you started the company?

She started the company all by herself.

  1. Do you have any employees?

Louise is still alone in the company, she hasn’t employed anyone because she wants to work by herself.

  1. Do you have courses both during summer and winter?

She adjusts herself and her classes after what’s requested at that time.  For example she has yoga and other classes outside in the summer.. But in the winter she is more often indoors.

  1. What class is most requested?

All of them, but her dance classes are unique for Louise, because she makes her own choreographies.

  1. Do you only work in Eskilstuna?

Louise is not only working in Eskilstuna, sometimes she gets hired to do her classes by private persons or companies for a certain amount of money. But she is stationed in Eskilstuna where she has her own studio.

  1. What kind of different courses do you offer?

Yoga courses, basic knowledge, dance classes, It also depends on what the customer wants. Louise says she can see what the customers need. Louise does her best to make customers happy.

  1. Do you work most towards companies or private customers?

Louise works towards both, she works for TV4 which is a swedish TV Channel where she has classes with the employees and she also works for the customers that comes directly to her.

  1. Is it a family business?

No, it´s my own business.

  1.   What about the future? Do you want to expand?

Louise says that she wants her company to grow, since it is fun and she always likes getting good response.

  1. How did you come up with the name “YogiWOD”? Was it hard to come up with the idea?

The name is very important and it was difficult to come up with a name at first. It was difficult to find a name that no one already had, Louise says.

The name of your company is important because it is what everyone will talk about.

The name;

Yogi , just yoga

Wod , Wod is from crossfit, you plan the session beforehand.

  1. For how long do you work each day?

It depends, Louise works almost every day. She is normally working in Eskilstuna on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and in Stockholm the rest of the week.

  1. When you started doing yoga, did you have any thoughts or plans to start your own company?

She wants to show others that you have to attach value to your own knowledge. Since Louise was pretty good at these things she wanted to raise her salary by educations in the areas she was interested in. She thought that she deserved a higher salary because she knew so much more than the newly-educated people that worked with the same things as she did.She thought it was unfair that they got the same salary.

Her vision:

For Louise life is about movement, energy and joy. To develop is to learn more and also be humble to your own journey. Her passion is to exercise and to be healthy and to share her passion in a simple way. She wants her customers to practise being outside their comfort zone. She also believes that we need to take care of ourselves in order to be more comfortable in who we are. To grow old and be strong and full of energy and to continue to find happiness in life is important to her.

Different classes:

Louise Stapel has a lot of classes and these are all of them:

PT yoga, Garuda, TRX rip, danceaerobics, core/stretch, cardio toning, yogiwod, yoga, dance, strength, workshops, company classes, events and health coaching.

You can hire her for different packages for example :

Sundbyholms sup yoga.(Sup is stand up paddling)


Instructor-led sup yoga




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