Båt-Sam AB

Båtsam is a company that is located in Kvicksund, the company sells especially new and used boats and equipments for boats. But also a lot of other things like ATV’s and fishing equipment. They only sell motorboats and inflatables. They are not selling sailing boats at Båtsam.

All the boats that Båtsam have are delivered from Poland and Finland and also here from Sweden.

The company was founded in 1960 by Samuel which is the father of the current owner Rufus. Samuel was called Sam and his friends called him Båtsam because he liked boats, that’s why they call it Båtsam.

Båt is the Swedish equivalent of boat, and therefore Båt-Sam.

Sam drove across Kvicksund in his petrol truck delivering gas, which was his previous work. He fell in love with the town during his time in his previous work. Then he decided to move to Kvicksund and start his own company there.

For Rufus it was obvious to keep the company in business since he liked boats as well. He has a passion for his work.

Right now they have 8 employees in the main office which is the only store at the moment. In Rufus opinion he works way too much even though they have 8 employees, but that’s how it is to run a company.

During the winter they store all their boats in a winter-storage. Because they sell boats it’s a bit of a season work but still they have a lot to do during the winters, like preparing for the next season. During this time they buy the new boats for the new season and take care of the boats they store and the equipment.

They have a pretty big harbour where a lot of people park their boats. They also have a gas station for the boats and jetskis and so on. They have a workshop as well were they repair and work on boats that people need help with for several reasons.

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