L’Officina del Cioccolato

L’Officina del Cioccolato is a chocolate shop in Noto which produces a variety of chocolate products, ranging all the way from small chocolate candies to specially formed birthday cakes, all made out of chocolate. The concept was born from the idea of a couple who turned their passion into a real job.

Unique idea, only chocolate shop in Noto.

Homemade products gives a niche advantage.

Centrally positioned.

Good education in the subject.

They are good enough to make products for special events, i.e Christmas, birthday cakes, Easter etc.

They have ads on tripadvisor, instagram and facebook.

If tourism goes good the sales of products will increase aswell. 50/50

There is only two workers hence giving more work/person.

Small shop.

Their product sales is quite dependant of the tourism.

Available option to expand, e.g to other cities.

Expand advertisements, create website(s).

Chocolate deliveries (from shop to home).

Hire more employees.

Possibly a reduction in customers if the tourism goes bad 50/50

If chocolate runs out worldwide the production will end.

If another chocolate shop is opened, the unique “idea” will be rivalised

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