La Manna

La Manna is an Italian restaurant in the central part of Noto, serving traditional Sicilian food. It is supported by many important personalities. Many customers of »La Manna« are tourists.



  • A luxury B&B in the same building draws attention of its visitors to the restaurant
  • Sicily, especially Noto, is a famous tourist attraction and that brings a lot of customers
  • it is located very central in Noto
  • they serve a lot of different types of food
  • Italian food is good in general and the restaurant is in the following very attracting
  • the chef is an expert
  • modern in general
  • nice atmosphere in the restaurant due to modern design
  • many people invest in the restaurant
  • many important people believe in the restaurant
  • good reviews of customers on its website


  • success depends on the seasons
  • lack of parking spaces
  • a lot of competition in central Noto
  • the service is not that good
  • success depends on tourism
  • it is quite expensive
  • the time that it is open is very limited


  • expansion of the restaurant
  • improvement of the service
  • getting good opinions from customers
  • founding of another restaurant


  • less customers in winter because of decreasing tourism
  • a lot of competition in central Noto
  • many newly founded restaurants, also in the future
  • depends on many investors

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