Gagliardi Boutique Hotel

Gagliardi Boutique Hotel is a noble place in the centre of Noto. The special thing about the hotel is that you can buy objects spread all over the hotel. It’s an expensive hotel, as the prices are between 170 Euros and 370 Euros. It opened in spring 2016.

S.W.O.T.  Analysis of ” Gagliardi Boutique Hotel”:


  • good location
  • new idea
  • extra income because of selling things
  • magnificent view of Noto
  • different interior design
  • garden
  • different prices for different seasons
  • website in 3 different languages


  • expensive
  • no restaurant
  • not many rooms
  • closed in winter
  • you need to be careful because of the many expensive things around
  • lack of parking
  • not much experience


  • open another hotel
  • sell more things in the hotel
  • extension of the garden
  • get better known / more public attention
  • have a restaurant
  • improvement of advertisement


  • business rivals
  • no market for the items
  • similar buisness in the town near Noto

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