Costanzo is a bar in the center of Noto. This confectionary was founded in 1962 by Corrado Costanzo, the father of the current owner. It is also a meeting point for young people. They produce martorana fruit, dry biscuits, almond pastries, granite and ice-creams. Their best advertising is word of mouth.


  • Costanzo is well known both in Italy and abroad.
  • Opened on internet, Facebook etc.
  • Many families are going to Costanzo
  • They have many specialities.
  • They have been in the business for a longer time, that makes that they have much experiences.
  • The ice cream makes the bar special
  • They have things for all ages
  • they have a lot of tourists from spring to autumn but especially in the summer.
  1. weaknesses
  • way too long word
  • too little area
  • no parking area
  • members of the staff don’t speak any other languages than their own.
  1. opportunities
  • make the company bigger, like open one more bar at a different place.
  • reduce product prices
  • could produce different kinds of products (new products)
  1. threats
  • there are many bars very close to Costanzo.
  • many competitors around and close to the bar.
  • same products as the other bars.

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