Caristia Artistic Pottery

Caristia is a little pottery shop in the town centre of Noto, selling pottery. Sebastiano Caristia is the owner and his business in named after him. He likes making owls of different sizes.

  1. Strengths:

-it’s located in center of Noto;

-it attracts more tourists than other businesses;

-the owner only needs red clay and an oven to do his job;

-his pottery objects are original;

-small building – low taxes;

-he can sell products in any period of the year.

  1. Weaknesses:

-it takes two weeks to make one figure;

-high taxes if you want to expand;

-small shop display window, so tourists can’t see it;

-lack of parking places;

-the owner doesn’t have a website.

  1. Opportunities:

-give lessons (teach others how to do his job and get new employees);

-Facebook helps him to attract tourists, inhabitants;

-he can open second shop.

  1. Threats:

-fewer tourists – less work – less money;

-higher taxes in future.

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