The third stage: presentation of regional businesses and SWOT-analyses

At Tegelviken we presented some small businesses in the project schools’ regions, which are published in the following links:

Altogether, two businesses will have to be investigated and presented by each school, providing material as to how to found and run a business and being the base for SWOT analyses (for a power point presentation of the elements of  SWOT click here) to develop a sense of prospects of businesses. Further companies to presented in Noto at the third learning and training experience of our Erasmus project are:

SWOT analyses of eight businesses in Noto

At the third learning and training activity in Noto, eight businesses in Noto (click on names for a pptx-presentation on their businesses) have been visited and investigated with regard to their potentials. Below the companies’ names our suggestions for a leaflet to advertise their business can be opened (click on thumbnail image).

Carista Costanzo Gagliardi Libertyno
caristia-1 caristia-2 costanzo-f-1costanzo-f-2 gagliardi-boutique-hotel-e-1gagliardi-boutique-hotel-e-2 libertyno-b-1 libertyno-b-2
Maidda La Manna L’Officina
maidda-h-1 la-manna-group-c-1 la-manna-group-c-2 lofficina-del-cioccolato-g-1 lofficina-del-cioccolato-g-2 tannur-group-d-1

The results can be downloaded here:
Caristia Artistic Pottery (download docx-file)
Libertyno – a speciality restaurant (download pptx-file)
La Manna – an Italian restaurant (download docx-file)
Tannur – a Sicilian restaurant (download docx-file)
Gagliardi Boutique Hotel (download docx-file)
Costanzo – a confectionary bar (download docx-file)
L’Officina del Cioccolato – a chocolaterie (download docx-file)
Maidda – a bakery (download pptx-file)

In addition to the SWOT anayses, we were informed about registring a business in Italy. The steps to take are briefly summarised in a pptx-presentation. The process for the permission of businesses is described in the presentation of SUAP, an agency provided by the municipality to unify the process of permits for the construction or start-up activities of the production of goods and offering services.

All these publications reflect the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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