Bruno Gelato – An ice-cream factory in Rhauderfehn (East Frisia)

Bruno GelatoBruno Gelato is a big ice-cream company from Germany which produces genuine Italian ice-cream. The main branch is near Leer, in Rhauderfehn. Here, a huge variety of ice-cream flavours is produced and sold in many countries all over the world. The fresh milk for the ice-cream is from East Frisia, our region.

More information is given in the following interview with the founder and owner of Bruno Gelato, Bruno Lucchetta.

Bruno Lucchetta

Interview with Bruno Lucchetta


–    Who is the founder of the company and is he Italian?

I’m the founder and I come from North Italy.

–    When was the company founded?

The first ice-cream parlour was founded in 1987 and it centralised itself in 1995.

–    How did you get the idea to found “Bruno Gelato”?

We wanted to sell high-quality ice-cream because in the supermarkets ice-cream is often not very tasty.

–    How did you found your company?

At first we only had an ice-cream parlour in Rhauderfehn. Our ice-cream was very popular, so we started two new ice-cream parlours. Later we had eight or nine parlours and we couldn’t buy ice-cream machines for each one. So we decided to start a central factory from which we supplied our ice-cream parlours. Only later did we market our ice-cream.

–    Did you ask for a credit when you started your company, and if yes, how high was it?

We had to apply for credits very often. The first one amounted to 100,000 German marks (now about 51,000 euros).

–    How many staff did you have at the start of “Bruno Gelato”?

We had only three employees.

–    How many types of ice-cream did you have at the start?

At the start we had 30 different types.

General information

–    Where is your main branch?

It is still in Rhauderfehn.

–    Are there any other “Bruno Gelato” branches in Germany?

No, there aren’t.

–    Are the sales in winter lower than in summer?

Yes, of course. In winter we don’t have to produce much ice-cream, so we use the time for some reconstructions and repairs.

–    Is “Bruno Gelato” a family-run company?

Yes, it is. Our family comes from North-Italy.

–    Do any family members work in the company?

Yes, my brother and my wife work here.

–    How many personnel do you have?

We have about 80 employees.

–    How old is “Bruno Gelato”?

“Bruno Gelato” has been in business since 1987, so it is 29 years old now.

–    How long do you work daily?

We work from 6 o’clock am to 11 or 12 o’clock pm.

–    How many ice-cream parlours do you supply with your ice-cream?

We supply 1,200 ice-cream parlours.

–    What was your greatest success?

I set new goals again and again, so there has not been a “greatest” success.


–    What’s your most-sold type of ice-cream?

Our most-sold one is vanilla ice-cream, the second one is chocolate ice-cream.

–    How many different flavours of ice-cream do you sell?

We sell 105 different ones.

–    How do you produce your ice-cream?

We produce it with fresh whole milk and fresh fruits.

–    Where do you produce your ice-cream?

We produce it here in Rhauderfehn.

–    How do you get ideas for new, special kinds of ice-cream?

My wife and I often visit several places all over the world. In the different countries we attend ice-cream fairs where we get to know many special, often exotic types of ice-cream.

–    How many litres of ice-cream do you produce a day?

We produce ca. 50 tonnes of ice-cream per day.

–    How long does it take to produce ice-cream?

It takes at least one day.

–    Have you taken any flavours out of your assortment already?

Yes. We’ve taken out strawberry and hazelnut because the market potential wasn’t high enough.

–    What are your newest kinds of ice-cream?

Our new ones are fresh cheese with sea buckthorn, pie plant, red fruit jelly, cherry mania and chocolate with marshmallows.

–    Do you have “limited editions”?

No, we don’t.

Bruno Ice

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