Noto Suchy Las Eskilstuna Leer
Press report on 3rd project meeting in Noto (in Italian) Press reports on current project (in Polish):
Announcement of the project
 Interview on our project on P4 (Sweden’s entertainment radio programme) Young
(newsletter in German)
Press report on current project (in Italian):
Meeting in Leer May 2017
Report on the 1st meeting in Suchy Las

Report on the 2nd meeting in Eskilstuna

Press report on 4th project meeting in Leer (OZ, local newspaper) in German (pdf)
 NotoNews online 06 April 2018 Report on the 3rd meeting in Noto Press report on the simulation of the German company SchokiDoki (OZ, local newspaper) in German (jpg)

Siracusa live Report on the 4th meeting in Leer
Invitation to the final conference in Noto, Sala Gagliardi Report on the 5th meeting in Eskilstuna
 Facebook publication (Tutto su Noto) on the fifth meeting Report on the 6th meeting in Noto and the evaluation meeting in Warsaw


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