Tegelviken is a Swedish school located in Kvicksund which is a small town in “Södermanland”, and the closest city to Kvicksund is Eskilstuna. The capital of Sweden, which is Stockholm, is located about 110 km east of Eskilstuna. Tegelviken is a very small school and was built in 1998.

In Sweden most children go to preschool at the age of one or two and then when they are six years old they go to kindergarten.  When you are seven years old you begin primary school and later secondary school. At the age of sixteen there is the upper secondary school. In Sweden we get graded with A-F.. A is the best that you could get and is the hardest one to achieve, whilst getting an F means you’ve failed.

Tegelviken is a school for children of the age six to sixteen and we have a pre-school for kids up to 5 years old. The school is set up in a way that there are three sets of classes from preschool to ninth grade. That means that we have 30 classes that consist of around 15 students in each grade, and around 450 students in the whole school. We have good teachers and decent food. We have a special kind of ‘organization where there are two groups of different ages in the same class.

Tegelviken has a pretty big school yard. It’s suited for the youngest as well as for the older students. There are playgrounds and there are benches spread out. We also have a greenhouse and in the summer we usually have some fruits growing there.

A normal school year for us starts in August and ends in June. The school year is divided into two terms, autumn and spring. We have two major breaks between the terms and some smaller breaks in November, February and Easter.   We go to school Monday -Friday, We start school at 8am every day and the school ends between the hours 1pm – 3pm. We have breaks between all classes, sometimes they are just 5 minutes and sometimes they can be 30 minutes.

The classrooms in Tegelviken are designed in an unusual way. Every classroom in the entire school has got its own hall and kitchen. Sometimes we do things such as baking in the kitchens.   You can put your clothes and shoes in the hall if you feel like it. There is also one bathroom in each classroom. We have lockers in the hallway, where we can store our school supplies.

Most schools in Sweden have a canteen at their school, a place where students can go and eat, but at our school we don’t. We bring food from the school kitchen to the classroom and then eat there,

The classrooms themselves look like the typical classroom, and this is where we have subjects like Swedish, English, Math, Social sciences etc. We also have classrooms for subjects such as Science where there is special equipment for doing labs and tests. We have two science halls, one art hall and two halls for our ‘’crafts’’ lessons which are separated into wood and textile. Our school has a large building located near the entrance, it’s our sports hall. There is one big room for the main sport activities and then there are four smaller dressing rooms.

All students in our school who are in grade six or higher have their own school computer. We use this computer to do school work. We are limited on what we can do on the computers. We can’t download big files, just small things such as pictures and PDF’s.

We have a bunch of rules here at Tegelviken such as a strict non-bullying policy. We have certain “Anti-Bullying” teams that act as “peacekeepers” in the school.  Other than that we have some restrictions around cellphones, school computers and such things.

At Tegelviken we have something that is called the “Student Council”, in which a few representatives from every class between six and nine get together with a chosen teacher and discuss what they can change and improve about the school. These things can be everything from the schoolyard to the food that’s being served, or outdated rules.. The Student Council brings the voice of the students forward to be heard. The council has a surprising amount of influence and power, they can really improve things.

The school has various international projects such as our Bangladesh project where we provide education for children in Bangladesh. We usually work with this during the winter/fall where we provide handcrafted items and/or cookies for a Bangladesh/Christmas market. We have had EU projects and other exchanges with European schools for many years and also offer courses as part of Cambridge International Examination.

Every year students put up a show named “The Spring show” where they sing and dance for parents and the rest of the school.  Sometimes the students in Tegelviken get the opportunity to see theatre plays about things that are relevant for us in one way or another. It could, for example, be about friendship, love or family-issues

Our school is also very active in the sense that we have plenty of room for different activities such as football, basketball or baseball outside on our various fields, whilst we can play dodgeball or dance in our sports hall. We also go on fieldtrips to a sports stadium where we compete in many different events as running and long jump. We have a sports organization that arranges different tournaments such as a table tennis tournament. They also make sure we have a team to compete in district tournaments.

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