2 Istituto Giuseppe Melodia

A short description of our school: 2 I.C. G. Melodia

Our “Giuseppe Melodia” Comprehensive Institute is one of the oldest schools in Noto. It has got four buildings, of different sizes. In the main building, situated in the town centre, there is the headmaster’s office, the secretary’s offices, two computer labs and four classes of Secondary school. The largest building is in the high side of the town and includes all Primary School classes and the other classes of Secondary School. Not far from it there are the other two buildings which include all Kindergarten classes. In our school there are about 100 teachers and 850 students, aged 3-14, with 20-25 pupils in each class. In recent years, among these, there are also some students of different nationalities. The students attend Kindergarten from 3 to 6, Primary School from 6 to 11 and Secondary School from 11 to 14.

School activities are divided into 30 weekly hours and for some years now we go to school from Monday to Friday. Most of us students walk to school or our parents take us there by car, some of us who live farther take the bus. Since this year we have to wear a uniform. Primary students wear a red T-shirt or a sweatshirt and Secondary students wear a blue T-shirt or sweatshirt. At kindergarten boys wear a blue apron and girls wear a  pink apron.

Our school lessons start at 8 o’clock and finish at 2 o’clock every day. According to the subject, each lesson can be single or double and there is only one break of fifteen minutes, from 10:45 to 11:00. During the break we usually have a roll that we bring from home or sometimes  we buy some snacks or drinks at the machines. In our school there is not a school canteen or a cafeteria. Only kindergarten pupils and some  Primary pupils have lunch at school but lunches are not cooked there. All the subjects are always in the same class, except for P.E. which we use the gym for. The subject we study more is Italian (6 hours a week) but we also study Maths (4 hours), two foreign languages, English (3 hours) and French (2 hours), and other subjects like Science, History, Geography, Technology, Art, P.E and Music (2 hours) and R.E. (1 hour). All classes have a digital whiteboard and there are three Computer Labs, a Music room, two Gyms, a Library, a theatre room and three canteens.

The school year is divided into two terms: the first begins in mid-September and ends in January, the second starts in February and finishes towards the first week of June. At the end of each term we get a report card with our marks in each subject ranging from one to ten, but you never get one or two and it is very difficult to get ten.

In our school students can learn to play some musical instruments like the piano, the violin, the sax and the clarinet. The students who study these instruments have to go back to school in the afternoon once a week for two hours. Two years ago we and our teachers formed an orchestra called “Melodia ensemble” and during the school year we perform in and out of our school. We can have extra curriculum classes in the afternoon and we can choose the subjects we want to study. Our school is also a Trinity Centre and a ECDL Centre and at the end of the second term we can take the Trinity Certificate in English or the ECDL Certificate in computer studies. Throughout the school year we have some short trips (1 day) and one long trip (3-5 days) usually during springtime, in Italy.  At the end of the school year we perform in some shows organized with our teachers.

In the last three years, although our head teacher is trying to improve our school and make it more welcoming to us, we like as it is now because every day we spend a good time with our schoolmates and teachers.

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